• lattice limited Grand Prize Winner

    Grand Prize Winner

    UKTI Hong Kong Fintech Award 2015

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    Best FinTech Gold Award

    Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

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    Hot Ten Listing

    The 2016 FinTech 50

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  • Hermes Investment Management has completed the due diligence process, providing us comfort with Lattice EPD Platform’s full suitability for multi-view global equity strategies.

    Active investing is view-driven. However, we are not aware of any other optimisers on the market that would allow us to robustly and flexibly utilise multi-source views to create an integrated strategy.

    … 6 months of extensive proof-of-concept testing and active use of Lattice EPD Platform over a spectrum of strategies, …, we believe that Lattice EPD is pioneering a series of disruptive investment decision-support solutions that are novel and currently not available elsewhere on the market.

    lattice limited EOIN MURRAY


    Head Of Investment

    Hermes Investment Management, UK

  • As a new paradigm, Lattice’s product disoriented me at first, probably due to its high flexibility in being able to finely tune your portfolio

    Strategies are the essential raw materials but portfolio construction is the cornerstone step that makes your good ideas actually prove themselves to be true and uncover their true potential ... Lattice’s product is definitely the tool that would give more control and more sense to this final important layer of portfolio management process.

    Thanks for making these technologies available to the professional fund managers we are.

    lattice limited SWANN CHMIL


    Head Of Quantitative Fund Management

    Fideuram Asset Management, Ireland

  • Lattice Elegant Portfolio Discovery (EPD) Decision-Support Platform is a very innovative and highly sophisticated solution solving a real problem by advanced and fast analytical engine. It is a great platform from regulator’s perspective and management. It sees good potential for fund management market. Also, the application of V2P (view-to-portfolio) concept is brand new to Hong Kong market.

    lattice limited Hong Kong ICT Awards

    Comment From 2016 Hong Kong ICT Awards: Best FinTech Gold Award

  • Fund managers look set to benefit from technology that promises to give them unprecedented control over portfolio construction and management using the Lattice EPD Platform. Customers include Hermes Investment Management that runs the giant BT Pension Scheme.

    lattice limited FinTech50 Hot Ten

    Comment From The 2016 FinTech50 Hot Ten Listing